The Surreal And Controversial World Of Eduard J. Kaupa

Table of Content

  1. Scar Spangled Banner
  2. The Marine
  3. The Creators Of The Pentagon
  4. The Killing Machine
  5. USAcronyms
  6. USArmed
  7. For Uncle Scan in WA$Hington
  8. An American Microwave
  9. U.S.S.A.

Scar Spangled Banner

“America, when will you be angelic ?”

Allen Ginsberg

From a country with heart and breath and guts,
to a wanna-be empire that is completely nuts.
From a country which had an attitude like a duke,
to a little puke who plays to nuke.
From a country of expression and inspiration,
to a country with a second-class education.
From a country of creators, artists and truckers,
to a country of parasites, liars and suckers.
From a country of fun to a country of guns,
and too many divorces instead of horny cunts.
From a country of SOLDiers to the us-governmEND sold it,
and to torture, lies and other shit.
From a country of marines and a lot of patriotism,
to warines who are filled up with hateriotism.
From a country of veterans to fatty runs,
because of too much pizza and hamburger buns.
From a country which dreamed the impossible dreams,
but today, there’s nothing left it seems.
From a country of true beliefs to a really old fart,
well, this is my opinion I say it so hard.
From a country …