The Neo Surreal World Of Eduard J. Kaupa

Phaydros - Biography

Early in his childhood, in the basement of his parents’ house, Phaydros experimented with his various synthesizers, keyboards and digital organs, such as the Roland Juno 106, Yamaha DX-7, Korg M-1, Korg SAS-20, or Wersi Delta DX-500. Phaydros educated himself to a keyboarder, organist, arranger and producer, mainly autodidactic, but also studied music theory and composition at the Dr. Koch Konservatorium in Frankfurt, where he was taught by the known composer Claus Kühnl.

His style includes free organ improvisations, synthesizer music and New Age composition, with influences of impressionistic, avant garde and experimental elements. In cooperation with AriesT, he produces arrangements, videoclips and controversial remixes of national anthems as well.