The Neo Surreal World Of Eduard J. Kaupa

The Neo Surreal World Of
duard J. Kaupa
Legoist - Biography

When he was four years old, Legoist often travelled to the sea with his parents. As soon as he was back at home, his passion was to reconstruct the ships and boats he saw during the holidays, with Lego pieces. So he educated himself to become a Lego designer and Lego architect. Over the years, he concentrated himself to Lego railroad landscapes and bridge architecture, as well as custom-designed Lego train models, passenger wagons and rolling stock. Additionally, he crafts his ship models, car models and Star Wars models in custom-made designs.

Legoist also is a designer of political and frequently controversial T-Shirt prints, images and slogans. In collaboration with the designer Qreateev he creates those T-Shirt designs in both German and English language.