The Neo Surreal World Of Eduard J. Kaupa

The Neo Surreal World Of
duard J. Kaupa
Cal P. Andri - Biography

Cal P. Andri focuses himself on political, society- and government-critical, as well as institution-critical poems, aphorisms and song lyrics. His works are all written in English language. The main subjects are the USA, corruption of governments, censorship by the state and the continuously increasing tracing of the individual by governmental institutions. Cal P. Andri supports ASCAP, BMI, and GEMA-free music, as well as artists who aspire to be independent to publishers and institutions.

A quote by Cal P. Andri says: Now is the time to overcome institutions like the ASCAP, BMI, or GEMA to give artists their freedom back, so they can express themselves independently and without any influence by those institutions.“